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I have finally finished my first book and it is on the virge of being published. So let me first tell you the technical part of it, so that you can find it when it is published.

Southern Medley and a Sordid Affair
ISBN-13 978-1514398005
ISBN-10: 1514398001
LCCN 2015910022
BISAC: FIC027110:
FICTION / Romance / Suspense

Published by amazon.com

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She is a young college student, born and raised in the deep South and dreaming of the future. But for Petra, everything changes when she meets Bertram. Introduced to her by a mutual friend, the French aristocrat is many years her senior, but it isn’t long before the two embark on a whirlwind romance.

Soon they are married and traveling the world together as

she continues her education at prestigious international universities.

But when Bertram suddenly falls victim to a financial downfall, the two eventually settle back in the southern United States, selling their house to move to a low-cost apartment complex.

It is here she meets a building maintenance man named Dick, and, in indulging in an erotic affair, becomes trapped in a sick web of manipulation and lies. While struggling against the psychological warfare of a mentally ill lover, Petra must find a way to free her marriage from the devastation of her choice—and put the pieces of her life back together again.

In gripping and unforgettable detail, Southern Medley and a Sordid Affair explores the repercussions of infidelity within a marriage while uncovering the damaging effects of mental and psychological abuse.

What other people think about my story

Professional Editorial Review by Lee Ann at FirstEditing.com


The substance of the manuscript is honest and raw. It’s the story of a young woman who has an affair with the maintenance man of her apartment complex, and how her husband and his family help her end it.

A strength of this subject will be hope for others who find themselves in a similar circumstance, to know that there is a way out. Even better, for someone contemplating such a thing, they may think twice after reading about the devastation the affair caused, both mentally and emotionally.

A weakness is that at the end of the book, the author is still in the recovery process and seems to be in a state of apathy and depression. This, however, makes the story even more true-to-life. Every story doesn’t necessarily have a happy ending. It also leaves an opening for a sequel.


The story is organized chronologically. We get the author’s background as a youngster and some interesting life events before the affair begins. Chapters include experiences in different parts of the world, which adds excitement. A strength of this is that it’s is an easy-to-follow organization technique. When we tell a story, we usually start at the beginning, and move through to the end. The point of view remains the narrator throughout, reducing any confusion. Even when the scene moves from country to country, the narration is consistent.

A weakness might be that there is more detail in the chapters about the affair than other chapters. A way around this would be to add more dialogue and background information to the different vacation and education scenes, as has been done in the Chateau scenes.


The writing comes across as if it’s a journaling experience for the author prompted by a therapist helping her seek healing and closure on this most difficult part of her life. A strength of this is that journaling is a tool known to be very helpful to those going through a difficult time, so may prompt the reader to start doing the same. Additionally, it adds to the credibility of the events of the book, making it seem more non-fiction than fiction.

A weakness would be that it is so sexually explicit, it severely limits the readership to a much smaller segment of the population. A way around this would be to cut some of that content.

I would recommend this book for adults only, due to its explicit sexual content.



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