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Here are some of the reviews I received for my first book:
Southern Medley and a Sordid Affair
ISBN-13 978-1514398005
ISBN-10: 1514398001
LCCN 2015910022
BISAC: FIC027110:
FICTION / Romance / Suspense

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"Southern Medley and a Sordid Affair" by P.T. Borden was an engaging, emotionally-driven, and sexxxy read! I consumed this novel over the course of just a few nights (fast for me!) and when I reached the end I was almost hoping there was another book to follow. But this appears to be a standalone (not part of a series) and everything wraps up nicely. It was fascinating watching the relationships between the characters unfold the way it did. The writing is very good, very descriptive and done in mostly narrative form (not tons of dialogue). But great editing! (I notice these things). Recommended for mature readers only as it has quite a bit of graphic ‘love’ scenes. Highly Recommend for some spicy reading!

(5 stars) Laura Clarke – Goodreads; Shelfari; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers

I’m one of those people who after reading "fifty shades" and the "crossfire novels" basically started inhaling everything I could find in the genre. But I don’t want just ‘sex’ in my books… I want a story and some character development. I want to be caught up in the emotions and genuinely wonder about the outcome. Now I will say that for the most part I really enjoyed this book "Southern Medley and a Sordid Affair" and think the author P.T. Borden has great talent. But I did feel she perhaps played it a bit safe and I would’ve liked to have explored the characters and their motivations deeper. There wasn’t much tension that pulled the story forward, it was good, but I never felt like everything wasn’t going to be okay for Petra, although I did find her relationships and experiences to be *interesting* to say the least. A bit slow at parts, but overall engaging and rewarding.

(4 stars) Claire Middleton – Goodreads; Shelfari; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers


I really enjoyed reading this unique novel, "Southern Medley and a Sordid Affair" by P.T. Borden. I was captivated from beginning to end and love the way she writes. Everything felt natural and like we are really there in the story. And it was very sexy and realistic feeling, like it is almost a true memoir or autobiography of stories in her life, but the book is fiction (if that makes sense) It was a good length too, longer than most books I read, but you really sink your teeth into it and experience a lot! The sex scenes are very graphic and descriptive – some are really hot, some are a bit disturbing… make no mistake this should be in the ‘erotica’ category, but it does have a decent plot and the characters are well developed. A nice addition to the women’s fiction/ erotic-romance genre.

(4 stars) Gillian Hancock – Goodreads; Shelfari; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers


I enjoyed reading this novel, but at times I felt like the sex scenes were too repetitive, and not always necessary for the plot, so it felt a bit gratuitous. I know there’s only so many ways to describe it, but some parts felt really repetitive and lacking in originality. And the narrative was a bit off putting – all "telling" us of events, not really pulling us in as readers – we are always kept at arm’s length, it seems. It reads almost like a nonfiction memoir of sorts, with most of the action seeming to have already happened and being ‘retold’ to us, at least that is how it comes across to me. But while I’m not a great fan of the style, I did enjoy the content, the characters, and the overall storylines. I found that it was unpredictable, and quite interesting at many parts. A good book for what it is – sexy escapism. Adults only.

(3 stars) Sam Ryan– Goodreads; Shelfari; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers


Southern Medley and a Sordid Affair by P.T. Borden is a great read and the author does a wonderful job of keeping me invested in the story and the characters. We are on the edge wondering about how things will develop and takes by surprise at some twists and turns. I enjoyed reading it and it kept me entertained all the way through. The characters had great chemistry, and I liked how easy it was to read this book. It is very well written, and although I wish the paragraphs were much smaller to make reading on my kindle easier, the scenes flowed well from one to the next and everything came together nicely in the end. Definitely some mature content so recommend only for adults.

(4 stars) Jenna Brewster – Goodreads; Shelfari; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers


This reads like a sexy, x-rated soap opera! And I mean that in a good way :-). So much drama and what an emotional roller coaster! Petra’s and Betram’s relationship has so many ups and downs, and Dick… well, he’s just unbelievable. So many crazy things happen I feel like this could be a movie. Although there were some parts that I thought weren’t really necessary and slowed down the pace some, overall it was well done and was a lot hotter than I expected it to be. This is more of an "erotica" than just romance, but one with intelligent interweaving plotlines that will keep you hooked through the end. A powerful, memorable read.

(4-5 stars). Karen Matthews – Goodreads; Shelfari; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers



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